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Europlex Sheets

Thanks to their outstanding fire performance, EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets are used in the interior of airplanes. The sheets are available in opaque and transparent flameproof versions. In addition to FST (Flame/Smoke/Tox) requirement according to FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031, they also meet the specifications of the so-called OSU Heat Release Test (FAR 25.853 (d)). As a result, EUROPLEX® PPSU is a preferred material for large-scale components in aircraft cabins. Its high stability and resistance to chemicals are additional pluses for this area of application. The opaque sheets feature a matte surface structure (hair cell) and are available in a variety of colors. The transparent sheets have a smooth surface on both sides and also come in different colors. As an additional option, sheets may be ordered with functional surface coatings, for example with scratchproof coatings. The sheets can be processed with customary plastic processing equipment. The opaque material is typically used in paneling for walls, doors, and ceilings, while transparent sheets are used in the window elements of the cabin.

further characteristics

  • suitable for permanent service up to 190°C due to high heat deflection temperature

  • excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range (also at low temperatures).

  • outstanding chemical resistance compared to other amorphous materials


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