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EUROPLEX® O sheets

EUROPLEX® O sheets are made of transparent, chemical-resistant polyamide. Polyamide sheets are skin-compatible and permanently resistant to sweat. They are the material of choice for individually fitted orthopedic shoe inserts and other orthopedic aids, such as ortheses.


  • Transparent

  • Unobtrusive thanks to little coloring

  • Easy to clean and hygienic

  • Resistant to chemicals (sweat)

  • Virtually indestructible

  • Physiologically harmless

  • Easy to process

  • Adjustable, material can be reshaped from 90℃

Easy and precise custom-fitting

EUROPLEX® O sheets can easily be adapted individually. The material can be machined with simple standard tools without difficulty. Due to their low heat form stability, polyamide sheets can be molded from temperatures of approx. 90℃. The material is transparent and has little color of its own. This makes it easy to recognize impressions on the skin, which can be immediately corrected.