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EUROPLEX® F sheets

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Europlex Sheets

EUROPLEX® F sheets, which are made from flameproof polycarbonate, are used in many interior aircraft applications. The sheets meet FST requirements according to FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031. Further prerequisites for aircraft applications include the low specific weight and the material’s outstanding mechanical and thermal properties. The sheets are available in opaque and transparent versions.

The opaque EUROPLEX® F3 sheet is available in more than 100 colors and features a matte surface structure (hair cell) on one side. Thanks to these properties, the sheets can easily be turned into molded components, for example in vacuum deep-drawing processes. These molded components are primarily used for the production of aircraft seats.

The UV-stabilized, transparent and translucent EUROPLEX® F7/F6 sheets either have a smooth surface on both sides or a prismatic surface on one side. The polycarbonate sheets can be used in light covers, backlit safety signs, and cabin windows.