O Medical technology - EUROPLEX® Sheets - Customized semifinished materials from Evonik

Medical technology and orthopedics


Europlex Sheets

Medical technology and orthopedics require materials of the highest quality and durability. Our sheet materials are thermally re-shapeable and are especially suitable for sterilizable containers and orthopedic applications.

Virtually indestructible instrument containers

EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets are an ideal material for storage systems for surgical instruments and implants. They can be sterilized virtually without limits and provide organization and overview in the operating room. The containers are manufactured with thermal re-shaping. Tool costs are especially low, which makes it feasible to manufacture even small series in a cost-effective manner.

Sheets for use in orthopedics

EUROPLEX® O sheets are made of transparent polyamide. They are virtually unbreakable, skin-compatible, and hygienic. The material can be shaped at temperatures from 90°C and is easy to process, which allows for individual adjustment of the fit.