Appealing surface design in the interior of aircraft

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Evonik has decades of experience with the production of high-quality semifinished production for aeronautical applications.

EUROPLEX SHEETS für den Innenausbau von Flugzeugen

We have long-term market knowledge and are intimately familiar with the approval requirements for new products. Our integrated quality management system and existing testing facilities make sure all products meet specifications.

Our product portfolio of




represents a comprehensive sheet assortment for interior aircraft design.

Large and small cabin components

EUROPLEX® F sheets, which are made from flameproof polycarbonate, are suitable for manufacturing smaller molded parts. Typical applications include seat covers, armrest and folding table covers, and light installations (backlit information signs, light covers, emergency exit signs).

Excellent fire performance

EUROPLEX® PPSU sheet materials, which significantly exceed the fire performance properties of the EUROPLEX® F series, meet the requirements of the so-called Heat Release Test (OSU), which makes them suitable for larger cabin components. Examples include doorframe covers, monitor cases, or oxygen bottle holders. Furthermore, transparent PPSU sheet materials introduce new design options for the cabin (transparent stair paneling, separators, shelves, bar and kitchen facilities).

Fiber-reinforced components

Our EUROPLEX® GV sheets made of fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate are designed for applications that require a high level of rigidity and impact stability, such as helicopter body parts or air supply ducts.


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